Paid Modding

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Legit List application.

If you would like to be added you need to submit the following:

1. Pictures showing menus, plugins etc (must have a piece of paper with name and date in each shot).
2. List of menus you use and games you play.
3. Services you sell (Servers, Menus, KVs etc).
4. Any other relevant information you think should be on your profile.

Once we have all of the above we will check over it and if no objections by members we will add you.

Scammers List adding.

All additions to the Scammers List will need to have full, unquestionable proof. This will be saved on this site and will be able to be viewed by anyone who wants to check.

Another way someone can be listed if they are posting for a confirmed scammer therefore aiding a scammer in their activities.

IP and Dox Droppers.

The people listed are not automatically banned from all groups, however we advise these people are removed to maintain your groups legitness.

General Shit Bags.

These are people in the community which have a general attitude issue, they are listed so that admins can take a view to whether they add them to their group.

Please note we will always try and provide proof with every listing, if no proof is provided then there may still be a very good reason (historic reason) why that individual has been listed.

Big Scammer!